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Ms. McKee

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Hey there! Ms. McKee here! Few things about yours truly.

I graduated from Southern Illinois University with a major in African Studies and minor and American Sign Language. This is my 8th year here at Mcdowell and my time here has been nothing short of excitingly mysterious. Everyday there’s something new to look forward to. I have the honor of coaching cultural dance and Theatrical Improvisation. I believe the craft in the arts enhances the power of education. Our students live up to my theory, with their educational drive and creative urgency in movement. I love to see a vision come to life with these kids


My Life’s Balance revolves 2 philosophies; When Life gets hard, Just keep Swimming, and my absolute favorite, Hakuna Matata (It really is such a wonderful phrase). It means No Worries! I try to embody Perseverance with Confidence regardless of obstacles put in front of me as an example to the children. If there’s one thing I'd want students to take with them in life is that, “When life pushes its waves on you, remember the tide was meant for you. JUST KEEP SWIMMING! Hakuna Matata.”

-Ms. McKee

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