Welcome Back To A Positively Amazing Year
Dr. Jodi Easterling-Hood, Principal


Reaching Academic Excellence 

By All “Equitable” Means

Every Child Gets What Every Child Needs 2019-2020

Welcome back!  CPS has rolled out its 5 Year Vision Plan and it is nothing short of amazing. Our CEO and CEDO’s vision is in direct alignment with McDowell’s vision and we will commit to full implementation. We have been on the academic journey to excellence for a long time. It hasn’t been easy but it has been rewarding.  District-wide data has indicated that McDowell is making remarkable strides and the Dept. Of Literacy wants to take a look at what we’ve done and how it’s been done. The main focus of CPS is providing equity to children of color. Great! This is what we do. For the past few years we have worked on alignment, coherence, rigor, common core and last year “Putting the pieces together” and we continue to do well. We will continue our work with TREP and the digital curriculum. 


As we work together to inform other schools of our practice we will share how we use the correlates of effective schools as our foundation of success.  Our school bus graphic says it all. The wheels of the bus are moving us down the road of excellence meeting the needs of all children in a holistic way. How? With a vision, goals, a way to assess the goals, effective teachers, a conducive environment, and involved parents.  ALL effectively operating by the leadership of a facilitative principal. We are on the right bus, with the right people in the right seats, and with the right set of tires. We are ready!

Let’s go McDowell!

Think Positive!

mcdowell safety patrol

Don't Worry . . .

we've got your back!

Chicago Ballet Performance and McDowell 2019 Fine Arts Festival 

Feliz día de la madre a todas las madres!

Happy Mother's Day!!

African American History

It's Everyone's History

McDowell Science Fair 2018/2019

Our Participants...

and our Winners!


1st Place-Mateo Wilson

2nd Place-Jamarr Carter

3rd Place Charlize McSpadden


1st Place-Sophia Fountain

2nd Place-McKenzie Wilson

3rd Place-Robert Howze

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

McDowell's 1st Annual Door Decorating Contest 2018

. . . and the winner is . . .

4th Grade's Ms. Gilmore

McDowell teachers know how to SEL.

Happy Halloween from

McDowell Mentoring 2018

I want my mummeeeee!

Check out our WINNING entry!

McDowell Elementary Student Jordyn Davis along with Heterah Chamas won the @FreshFilmsDT #MilkIt Video Competition, and as part of the prize, Ms. Hayes was nominated to receive a $500 educator grant! Watch their winning video and check out the other entries on the Milk It! YouTube page! (Link: http://bit.ly/MilkItWinners)

Female Mentoring 2018

Learning / Growing

Planning then meeting our goals.

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