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Welcome to Our McDowell McFamily!

Students, find your classroom and walk on in . . .

Mr. Perri

Dr. Walker

Mrs. Haymond

Ms. Gilmore

Ms. Griffin

Mrs. Grossett

Ms. Rainey


Mrs. Fountain


Mrs. Fountain


Mr. Davis


Mr. McEachran


McDowell School of International Studies
Welcome Back To An Unprecedented and Amazing Year

Academic and Equitable Excellence By All Synchronous and Asynchronous Means
Providing Every Child With Everything That Every Child Needs 2020-2021
Dr. Jodi Easterling-Hood, Principal


It is with the most grateful heart that I earnestly say to my McFamily,  Welcome Back! The past 5 months have been like none other that the world has experienced. Covid-19 has changed our world and lives as we have known. The latest catch phrase is “the new normal”. As we begin this school year like never before (remotely), we are forced to embrace our new normal. Like we always have done McDowell will quickly adapt and excel in the only way we know how, in excellence. Our “new normal” has propelled us to the actualization of our vision which is to expose our students to the up-to-date technologies. Bitmoji’s, virtual classrooms, hyperlinks, drives, Zoom, mute/unmute, all have transformed our teaching and is now our “new normal”.

I’m so thrilled to enter into this new dimension of teaching and learning and it is my mission to ensure that our staff and students will not be left behind. As we start this new year and this new normal, we will thrive, we will triumph, and we will be committed to giving every child what every child needs (academically and emotionally). This will be a rewarding and productive year.

It’s going to be big!



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