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Writing Prompts for 2020 to 2021

December 2020

Is the transition time between presidential election and presidential oath of office too long? Why or why not?


January 2021

Should CPS’s winter break be 2 weeks? Why or why not?


February 2021

Should descendants of U.S. slaves receive reparations? Why or why not?


March 2021

Should internet access be free for all legal aged citizens? Why or why not?


Should internet access be free for all school-aged citizens? Why or why not?


April 2021

Is global warming real? Why do you think it is or isn’t?


May/June 2021

Should all vaccinations be mandatory? Why or why not?

2019 2020 SEL (Photos: Various)

2019 2020 Science Fair (Photos: T. McKee)

2019 2020 Team Patrol (Photos: T. McKee)

2019 2020 Black History Fair (Photos: T. McKee)

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