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Greetings Everyone!

Ms. McKee here. Here’s the lineup for this upcoming week


Monday: Memorable Monday-

Class and teacher should send in a video or letter. Videos can be a dance, a song, reciting a group joke, Improv, endearing words to the school, etc. Letters can be memories that are possibly already made within the 2020-2021 school year thus far. This can be done during brain breaks or  before dismissal.

Please send all submissions to me:


Tuesday: Mik Tok Tuesday-

Students will send in Tik Tok to me.

No special gatherings later on in the day.


Wednesday- Kahoot day.

The school will participate in Kahoot game playing. Classes will play amongst themselves. Either Mr. Mac or myself will send out the custom made kahoots.


Thursday- Thankful for my teacher Thursday-

Students wll send in videos and letters with their appreciation for their current teacher. No special gatherings later on in the day.


Friday- Variety Show and Christmas concert.

9am we’ll start the variety talent show.

1pm we’ll come back for the concert.